Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters


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This week’s top ten list is about Memorable Secondary Characters. Well, I’m having a little trouble finding 10 secondary characters that were so perfectly written that they were simply unforgettable. Sadly, authors tend to dismiss secondary characters as mere accessories to the plot, so they’re not that layered and well built. However, I do have a few in my pocket and if you count Mr and Mrs Bennet separately, I made it to ten!

Top Ten (or Nine!) Most Memorable Secondary Characters
(This time in gif style, because they’re too cool to be featured in static pictures)

1. Severus Snape

I love Snape and I’m not that big of a fan of the Harry Potter series (I know, I’m weird, please don’t throw sticks at me… I just never got the chance to read past book 4). Still, read the first 4 books several times and saw all the movies. Snape’s character has always been one of my favourites. He’s also so deliciously layered! I just like his attitude, pose and emo kid style. He’s by far one of my favourite secondary characters ever!

2. Gollum

Gollum, gollum!!! I love the Smeagol/Gollum duo from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Together they make this incredible character, so twisted and layered and overall one of the most unforgettable characters in the fantasy genre.

3. Mr and Mrs Bennet

Have you read Pride & Prejudice or, at least, seen the movies? P&P is one of my favourite books of all time, although not my favourite Austen. Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan, not only because a part of me is a hopeless romantic who loves Lizzy and Darcy, but also because all the characters in this book are absolutely amazing. Mr and Mrs Bennet are unforgettable. She is your typical mother hen, yet so ridiculously funny. She’s just full of love. 🙂 Mr. Bennet is witty, sometimes sarcastic, charismatic, book lover and a loving father. His dialogues were always so fun to read. If it weren’t for the Bennet parents, the book wouldn’t have the tremendous success we still see today.

5. Mr. Collins

Yes, he’s waving at you. 😀 Mr. Collins is absolutely ridiculous and creepy yet, at the same time, hilarious. (Yes…also P&P). It’s been years and years since I read the book and I still find myself and some of my friends joking around saying “Well, perhaps Mr. Collins has a cousin!”. Behold that wave and creepy smile. He’s just unforgettable…in a bad, absolutely funny way.

5. Ellen “Nelly” Dean

Nelly is the narrator of Wuthering Heights, also one of my favourite books of all time. She’s not very striking as a character. She’s observant, compassionate, comprehensive and quiet. Although, her voice stayed with me after all these years, and I could never quite forget her. So, she made it to the list. 🙂

6. Tyrion Lannister 

If you read A Song of Ice and Fire series or saw the Game of Thrones TV series, you know Tyrion Lannister. I haven’t read all books in the series, yet… but I really like Tyrion. He is just absolutely crazy, flawed, hilarious…he’s pretty unique and that makes him memorable.

7. Violet Bridgerton

The Bridgertons series, by Julia Quinn, is my favourite historical romance series. I won’t start talking about it, otherwise I’ll get into fangirl mode and won’t shut up. Violet is the mother of all the Bridgerton “kids” and she is fantastic. Sadly, there’s no movies or series adaptations, so that is not really her “adaptated” face. However, I picture her looking somewhat similar to Mrs. Gardiner (also P&P, but I just mean the looks). She is incredibly strong, wise, compassionate and funny. Plus, she’s an incredible mother. Violet’s character adds to the series richness and quality. She holds everything together! Without her, it wouldn’t be the same.

8. Rebecca de Winter

Rebecca, by Daphne du Marier, is also one of my favourite books. Rebecca de Winter names the book, yet she never appears in it, since she’s death (or perhaps not? read it to find out). However, her presence is always so powerful and haunting that it’s incredible. She never appears in the novel, people. Yet, she manages to sweep us over and demand our attention. So, she’s part of my list.

9. Minny

See that? Read The Help to know what that’s all about. I won’t tell you, but I’ll never forget Minny for that. I lover this character. As the synopsis say, Minny is “short, fat, and perhaps the sassiest woman in Mississippi. She can cook like nobody’s business, but she can’t mind her tongue, so she’s lost yet another job.” Read the book + see the movie = falling in love with Minny.

 Now, let’s hear it from you. 🙂 Which are your most memorable secondary characters? Do you share some of mine? Let me know all about it!