Taking a break

If you passed by last week to say hello you probably noticed an absence of new posts. Real life has been very busy lately and I just couldn’t keep up with my blogging schedule. I was hoping that I could go unnoticed for a week or two and then come back full strength, but then I saw your new comments and I knew I had to say something to you and explain what’s going on.

I’m going through the process that some people call “job hunting”. About a month ago I finished my masters internship and started looking full time for a bookish job. I will tell you right now that it hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been almost impossible. The market is very competitive, the vacancies are scarce, and you really have to work hard to get a chance. Between part-time work, preparing for interviews, application tests and job expos… I’ve been very busy.

Sometimes it feels like…

Yet, there’s the occasional glimpse of hope, and I’m all…

Last week was really time consuming and tomorrow will start another crazy week. I haven’t read much lately and writing my regular posts doesn’t come as easy as before, since I’m so very focused on everything that is going on in my professional life at the moment. So, I need to take a short break.

During this break, that I hope to last only another week or two, I will also take some time to think about where I’m going with this blog. I’ve been trying to post daily, but I know that it won’t be possible in the future. This means I might have to cut back on some of the memes and features I’m participating in (In my mailbox, Literature & Fashion, Inspired Fridays, Top Ten Tuesday, etc) and start to organise myself as a reader. You would help me a lot by telling me what is it that you like to read in my blog and not. 😉 I’m a very artistic person in real life, and all the art/craft/fashion related memes give me so much joy to write. Still, I might have to rethink them (I would also like to start sharing with you my own “art” once in a while…)

Overall, this break will help me get through this phase, while I’m trying to figure out where I’m going in my professional life. At the same time, I will do some rearrangements in the blog to fit my new reality.

I want to thank you all of you amazing readers and book bloggers for being always present. I hope you understand and forgive my absence in your blogs. We’ll be seeing each other again very soon. 🙂