Literature & Fashion #5: Alice in Wonderland

banner_lit&fashion“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” I never got this riddle and, honestly, I think I never will. This weekend I was talking about Alice in Wonderland with some friends. Despite not being crazy in love with the book, I’ve always thought that “Alice” was one of the most graphic representative books of all time and it has inspired several fashion editorials and trends throughout the years. Actually, I have always found absolutely brilliant all the fashion designs inspired by this theme. Which brings us to today’s L&F theme: Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.


1. Tweedledee & Tweedledum Couture, at Vogue’s Alice in Wonderland editorial 2. T-shirt, at Hot Topic 3. Drink Me Necklace, by Disney Couture 4. Handmade Cheshire Cat ring, by H. Stern 5. Tea Party Brooch Set, by AndSmile 6. Alice Book Bag, by 7. Mini Top Hat, by TwoBackFlats

I really think that this collage is not up to the great theme that is Alice. Nevertheless, I’m not really aiming for greatness, here. I just want to show you a few items that I would love to have or wear. So, let me just point you to the awesome couture suit in no.1 couple, from the Vogue’s Alice in Wonderland editorial (a mix of Mad Hatter with Tweedledee & Tweedledum?). I love the blazer!! I would totally wear a women cut of that blazer with black jeans (I know, I’m weird like that. I just love it!). The t-shirt with one of Tenniel’s illustration is super cute and so is the “Drink Me” necklace. Now, look at that Cheshire Cat ring by jewelry artisan H. Stern. What is that!?! It’s so gorgeous! How can someone do something so perfect and delicate?! Yes, it was handmade. I’m in love, again. To wrap things up, the tea party brooch set is all cuteness, and so is the book bag and little hat (nice hair accessory for a Alice themed wedding??).

I hope you enjoyed this week showcase! Next Monday we’ll have more. 😉 Do feel free to make your own collage. We could link each other’s posts and have more fun!


Literature & Fashion #4: Little Red Riding Hood

banner_lit&fashion’Who’s that I see walking in these woods? Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood!’ Today’s L&F theme is inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, first published by Charles Perrault. I’m absolutely crazy about folktales, the darker the better. A few days ago I was surfing the web and found US Vogue’s 2009 ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ inspired editorial, photographed by Mert & Marcus (which is just fantastic photography and is one of my favourite editorials ever!!). I LOVE red clothes and accessories, there’s great couture inspired in this tale, so I just couldn’t resist doing a L&F about Red Riding Hood. Alas, I’m not that good with collages to do it justice. Anyway…I try. 😉

So, here you have two of my favourite pics from Into the Woods editorial. That jacket&mini-skirt outfit is gorgeous and I would SO wear it if given the chance (night out, fancy party, wedding, wherever!! I love the outfit and I would find opportunity to wear it). Another passion of mine is heavy read winter coats and wool red blazers. I had one (winter red coat) a long time ago and I’m still trying to find the perfect replacement. And, I also love that handcrafted sterling silver ring!! As for the rest, I find the dandy wolf brooch pin and the acrylic ring set really cute, and Christian Louboutin shoes are adorable, even that they were supposed to be lion paws, instead of wolf’s… They do look slightly similar, though.


1. Wool Jacket and Padded Mini-Skirt by John Galiano 2. Handcrafted Sterling silver Ring by Spoonier 3. Lion Paw Pumps by Christian Louboutin 4. Dandy Wolf Brooch by House of the Black Wolf 5. Little Red Riding Hoof Ring Set by LicketyCut 6. Wool Blazer by Stella McCartney 

I hope you enjoyed this week showcase! Next Monday we’ll have more. 😉  Do feel free to make your own collage. We could link each other’s posts and have more fun!

Literature & Fashion #3: The Hunger Games

banner_lit&fashionToday we have yet another Literature & Fashion (L&F) day! These L&F theme is based on The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. I’ve been in love with the characters outfits since the new promo pics for Catching Fire movie were released. Some of the dresses were inspired by Alexander McQueen AW 2012 collection and I think they look wonderful. I was also surprised to find so many weddings following The Hunger Games theme! There’s some really great pics online of THG weddings.

Now, I just love the Golden Arrow and Wooden Hair Pins. It’s something that I would definitely wear. I also like the Glittler Arrows Bouquet! I would’ve never thought about it. There’s also a Team Finnick bracelet, that I think it’s really cute. And I love the “You Love me. Real or not real?” bracelet. I hope you enjoyed this week showcase! Next Monday we’ll have more. 😉 Do feel free to make your own collage. We could link each other’s posts and have more fun!


1. Couture by Alexander McQueen 2. Wooden Hair Pin by The Ancient Muse 3. Golden Arrow Hair Pins by Fawning in Love 4. Team Finnick Bracelet Wrap by The Forks Forest 5. Bracelet Cuff “You Love me. Real or not real?” by The Hidden Pearl 6. Messenger Bag by Finest Shirts and Gifts 7. Glitter Arrow Bouquet via Glitter Weddings 8. Wedding Dress by Alissie