Inspired Fridays #8: Activity Book Bag


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First of all, I need to tell that no, I don’t have kids. Secondly, I’m the oldest daughter of a big family, so I ended up taking care of the little ones while I was growing up, specially during my teen years. An activity book bag like this one would be a gift sent from heaven at the time, when we didn’t have all the hardware entertainment we have for kids these days. Plus, it looks so cute!! It’s a great DIY idea to upcycle old hardcovers.

I also must tell you that I LOVE to draw/paint, so when I saw this little book/bag I thought it might look good if I rearrange it to fit my drawing notebook and my pencils and brushes. If I manage to come around my inability to butcher books with a scissors and do this sort of thing myself, I’ll post some pictures of the final result. 🙂

You can find a complete tutorial with photos for this activity book at Cosmo Cricket.