Literature & Fashion #5: Alice in Wonderland

banner_lit&fashion“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” I never got this riddle and, honestly, I think I never will. This weekend I was talking about Alice in Wonderland with some friends. Despite not being crazy in love with the book, I’ve always thought that “Alice” was one of the most graphic representative books of all time and it has inspired several fashion editorials and trends throughout the years. Actually, I have always found absolutely brilliant all the fashion designs inspired by this theme. Which brings us to today’s L&F theme: Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.


1. Tweedledee & Tweedledum Couture, at Vogue’s Alice in Wonderland editorial 2. T-shirt, at Hot Topic 3. Drink Me Necklace, by Disney Couture 4. Handmade Cheshire Cat ring, by H. Stern 5. Tea Party Brooch Set, by AndSmile 6. Alice Book Bag, by 7. Mini Top Hat, by TwoBackFlats

I really think that this collage is not up to the great theme that is Alice. Nevertheless, I’m not really aiming for greatness, here. I just want to show you a few items that I would love to have or wear. So, let me just point you to the awesome couture suit in no.1 couple, from the Vogue’s Alice in Wonderland editorial (a mix of Mad Hatter with Tweedledee & Tweedledum?). I love the blazer!! I would totally wear a women cut of that blazer with black jeans (I know, I’m weird like that. I just love it!). The t-shirt with one of Tenniel’s illustration is super cute and so is the “Drink Me” necklace. Now, look at that Cheshire Cat ring by jewelry artisan H. Stern. What is that!?! It’s so gorgeous! How can someone do something so perfect and delicate?! Yes, it was handmade. I’m in love, again. To wrap things up, the tea party brooch set is all cuteness, and so is the book bag and little hat (nice hair accessory for a Alice themed wedding??).

I hope you enjoyed this week showcase! Next Monday we’ll have more. 😉 Do feel free to make your own collage. We could link each other’s posts and have more fun!