Hello, everyone!

I’m Pat, a Portuguese girl in her mid-twenties living in Ireland. I’ve been telling stories to my family since I wasn’t even able to read. As I grew up, I became a complete book geek surrounded by books, studying books and finally graduating on a course about publishing books. Yeahhh, it may sound boring to the regular human being…but I LOVE IT!!! And I know you understand, my fellow reader… We are made of the same inexplicable wish to travel inside words. Not to mention the weird fascination that most bookworms share… that is smelling the pages of a book, inhaling the sweet perfume of old story dust. Terrible for my allergies, but what can I do? I am a book lover, and a book geek and a bookaholic!

Coming back to the point… I needed a place to write my thoughts about the books I read. A few years ago I used to blog about books, but life got busy, I moved to another country (Ireland) and in between I stopped writing about what I read, one of the things I love the most. Now that life kind of settled and I’m feeling the urge to write again, I decided to create this blog to write unpretentious reviews, talk about everything and nothing and meet other bookworms like me. Also, English is not my first language (Portuguese is) and I desperately need to start practicing again. Plus, for the last couple of years, all my readings are in English!

A few more things I can tell you about me… Besides my absolute love for books, I love to admire and make art. I draw and paint as a hobby, and I also craft (guess what??)… puppets!! I like to get involved in projects to help my community, specially when it’s related with kids and educational development (hence, the puppets). I am also a dog person and I love animals (when I was a kid I kept a chicken as a pet. I named her Augustina, which is a horrible name, actually… poor chicken.) I’m a series/movies addict as well. I hate shopping centers and an ideal day would be a sunny autumn day outdoors, preferably somewhere green (a park with trees would be nice!), or my hometown beach…always with a book.

So, here we are! If you happen to find yourself in this virtual corner of the web, you’re very welcome to stay for a while and share with me all the books you love and hate, or any other stuff you want to share.


Pat, aka TheGirlWhoKeepsReading


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, dearest Pat. I find it quite fascinating that you left the gorgeous weather of Portugal and fled to the wind-swept isle of Ireland.

    I recently published my latest book, called Saying Goodbye to Warsaw, which is set in the Warsaw Ghetto. It’s a story of struggle and survival and the strength of the human spirit during humanities darkest hour… the Holocaust.

    Would you be interested in reviewing it? I can send you either the ebook files if you have an ereader or I can send you a paperback copy.

    You can see the book cover and the blurb on Amazon here – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00F1JLMPC

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