Inspired Fridays #10: Wooden Book Rack

banner_inspiringfridaysThis weekly meme is hosted by Inkk Reviews.You can read more about it here.


This week I am inspired by these awesome wooden book racks, created by Agusta and Gustav from Old and Cold. If you ever lived in a tiny apartment with little to no space at all, you might see why I’m so into this new shelf system. Look how elegant it is! You can use the walls to shelf your books and don’t put much height in them, which would happen if you were using a common wooden board. It’s fantastic and super clever. And great home decor as well. Imagine your books all pretty displayed like this. I love how this looks! I’ll definitely start saving some money to get at least one wooden book rack. What about you? Let me know what inspired you during this week!


5 thoughts on “Inspired Fridays #10: Wooden Book Rack

  1. I love the look that the wooden hooks/clip things look. But I just have this fear that it will just fall off the shelf one day. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid. But dang, it’s a really neat shelf! And I’m definitely going to look in to possibly putting one up in my desk space C: it’ll help keep things off my desk and more organized. Or so I hope.

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