Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten (or Four!) Best Sequels Ever


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This week’s top ten list is about Best Sequels. Well, this is a tough one. Why? Because, usually, I don’t like the sequel as much as I liked the first book. Does it happen to you? Either the writing is sloppy, the plot disappointing and the characters inconsistent to the first installment. The truth is only one. It’s rare to find I sequel that I like, which is why I tend to avoid reading series. Still, there are a couple of sequels that turned out to be better than what I expected. 

Top Ten (or Four!) Best Sequels Ever
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1. Son of Shadows

Son of Shadows is probably one of my favourite books of all time. This book is precious to me in so many ways. Not only the book is extremely well written, with amazing characters and plot, I also read it a very special time in my life. Though I loved the first installment in the series (Daughter of the Forest), this book is my absolute favourite of the entire Sevenwaters series, by Juliet Marillier. If I ever be in a deserted island, this is the book I choose to take with me. 

2. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

This is my favourite second sequel of all time and also one of my favourite books. Yes, it’s chic-lit and historical romance. So what?! I love these characters and their story. This book warms my heart and my soul. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton is the book #4 of the Bridgerton series and, despite loving the second book (The Viscount Who Loved Me), this is one is special.

3. Tears of the Moon

Now, this isn’t among my favourite books, and probably isn’t the best sequel ever, but it is one of the first sequels I loved. I read it in my late teens and I really enjoyed the characters. Brenna is a mechanic and a kick-ass girl, while Shawn is a musician and more slow paced in life. I love the pair they made. Also, this book had a huge influence in my love for Ireland.

5. Archangel’s Kiss

Archangel’s Kiss is definitely not the best book ever. I’m having mixed feelings about this series and frustration is all over the place. Still, when I was a bit disappointed with the first book, it was this sequel that saved the series for me, (only to be utterly disappointed by book #3, but that’s another story). The book is well balanced, good paced, more consistent that the other book I’ve read and much more interesting plot, character and world development. So, because it’s an exception to what is usually the rule, the book made it to the list.

And this is it! Short list, only with two titles that I can really call “best ever”. It is what is is. What about you? What’s your favourite sequel ever? Do say that you have some amazing titles to recommend. I’m so very disappointed with series at the moment. I could use some good suggestions. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten (or Four!) Best Sequels Ever

    • Oh, we need to have a chat about JM’s books!!! Which ones have you read? I haven’t read them all, but I own all the old ones (except Wildwood series). Sadly, I’m still waiting for them to be shipped to me. My heart was broken from the moment I was force to separate myself from them. My Sevenwaters favourite is Son of Shadows. I love all that is written by Juliet, but this book was so special to me. It stood out among the rest.

    • The first two books and series are AMAZING!! If you the chance and you like fantasy and historical romance, read them. The other two I wouldn’t recommend so enthusiastically. You probably have better things to read. Nevertheless, they were sequels that didn’t let me down, as it usually happens.

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  2. Yeah, it depends on the book, but I’ve definitely experienced the second book syndrome / sequel syndrome. There are some things that are introduced in sequels that just aren’t as appealing to me either (as you said, plot, characters, etc.). I don’t avoid reading series though.

    Juliet Marillier! 😀 hehe I’m so looking forward to reading the book of hers that you recommended. It’s really encouraging that this sequel is even better than the first though AHHHHH if it ends up being even more and more books that I need to read ;). I have many an unfinished series. What do you mean you read it in a very special time in your life? How long is the Sevenwaters series o.O? Oooh, the deserted island question. That is high praise indeed.

    Ah Julia Quinn. Have you read some of her other books? I wasn’t much a fan of them 😦 so even though you’ve made Romancing Mr. Bridgerton sound very great (plus it’s my favorite genre for chick-lit – historical romance), I don’t know that I’d ever try it. I’m glad you love the characters and story though!

    NORA ROBERTS. Huh, the pairing of Brenna/Shawn sounds adorable. And set in Ireland??? Okay, so I have kind of been prejudiced towards NR because my mom loves her books and she disdains all of my YA novels, but you’re making me think that I really ought to try Tears of the Moon. It’s nice that it’s remained one of the sequels you loved despite your having read it so long ago.

    Nalini Singh. SHE IS EVERYWHERE. Sarah J. Maas recommended her too, and I think I’ve seen her listed on quite a few bloggers’ and authors’ recs. Oh no! How sad that book 3 ended up being a disappointment, but I suppose after Archangel’s Kiss, a great sequel, that almost seems inevitable o.O.

    I would love to give you recommendations, but I also don’t know that I would’ve been able to come up with this TTT list. I also tend to read a lot of YA, and Juliet Marillier is the only YA you seem to have so o.o.

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