Inspired Fridays #9: DIY Book Jackets

banner_inspiringfridaysThis weekly meme is hosted by Inkk Reviews.You can read more about it here.


This week I am inspired by book jackets. While surfing the web I came across these lovely personal libraries featuring awesome and unique stacks/piles of books with illustrated book jackets. The final look is fantastic! The downside is that you might have a little trouble finding you books in the shelve. Still, it’s a wonderful decor idea, using those books we know that we’ll never read again. Also, it’s cute and a clever way to protect your books from eventual damage. Plus, it can be handmade! You can create your own design to decorate an entire shelf. I think I might try it when I have some decent shelves, instead of books piled all over the flat. Check out more cool book jacket designs here and here. What about you? Let me know what inspired you during this week!


3 thoughts on “Inspired Fridays #9: DIY Book Jackets

  1. Oh man! If only I was crafty enough to do something like this. I would dare cover my books. I made my own dyi journal covers. And all of them are pretty ugly. Makes me less inclined to use my journals :C

    • Hey there! Well, someone once told me that art is never ugly, as long as it has expression. So, there you go! If you would like to craft some book jackets for your books, I think you should definitely try it. 🙂 (if you do, please share a picture of them!!!)
      And thanks for passing by and commenting! 😉

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