In my mailbox #3 (and some notes about used books)


Let’s welcome this week’s new arrivals to my shelves! I must confess that most of them were bought by pure impulse, but I’m very happy with all of them.These lovelies are used books, result of my weekly treasure hunt.

You may have noticed that most of my In My Mailbox posts feature used books. In fact, about 70% of my shelves are composed of used books. Of course, they are extremely cheap, and when you read/buy lots of books it might be a good way to reduce expenses. Nevertheless, that’s not the only reason why I prefer used books. To be honest, when most people love the touch and smell of a brand new book, I have this romantic feeling about old books. It’s like the book has a story to share on every little reading marks it carries. Sometimes, while I’m reading an used book, I try to imagine what the previous unknown reader felt while he/she read it. If you’re lucky, you might even find some tear stains, marking the emotion of another person forever in those pages. Anyway, I digress.

PicsArt_1373477067674 PicsArt_1374346071957-1

The Physician, Noah Gordon

The Painted Man, Peter V. Brett

The Woman in Black, Susan Hill

Before I go to Sleep, S. J. Watson

Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs

The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde

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(In My Mailbox is a meme originally created by The Story Siren)


7 thoughts on “In my mailbox #3 (and some notes about used books)

  1. I love used books for the same reasons. There’s something about knowing another person has read the same book you’re holding in your hands. I love finding notes in the margins, written by someone else who’s read the book, getting their thoughts on what I’m reading. I’ve found so many things in used books I get at thrift stores – photos, grocery lists, even a letter about how someone was feeling nostalgic about a friend’s wedding years and years ago. It just makes reading the book all the more special.

    • Hi Hannah,
      You put my thoughts into words. So far, the most memorable thing I’ve find was a genealogy tree handwritten by the previous reader on the characters of my copy of Persuasion, with some notes about the book. But, you found some precious treats in yourself! That letter must be a treasure. 🙂
      Thank you for passing by!

    • Hi there,
      Thanks!! I don’t know much about the book. It was one of those moments when you look at ‘that’ spine in the middle of the shelve and it calls for you. Now I’m even more curious about it! 🙂

      • I finished it in about a day I was so curious to see how it would end. The end is a little disappointing if you figure it out sooner…but everything leading up to the ending was page turning 🙂

      • There, I won’t resist it any longer! I’m reading it right after I finish Seer of Sevenwaters. Going to take it out from the shelf right now. (thank you!!!) 🙂

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