Cool Book Cover Designs #1

Cool Book Cover Designs #1

“Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television destroys interest in reading literature.

I wanted to spread the book-burning message to the book itself. The book’s spine is screen-printed with a matchbook striking paper surface, so the book itself can be burned.”

-Elizabeth Perez

(via Innocuous Ramblings: Verbatim)

Isn’t this the coolest thing and at the same time weirdest idea? Every book can be burned, so what’s the point? Anyway, the idea of having “Fahrenheit 451” as matchbook is pretty cool and I would love to have this one on my shelf.

The question is, would you be able to lit the match and burn it? I know I wouldn’t, but I must confess that I would be always freaking out and scared something should put the book on fire, (and at the same time very curious to see if it would really work!).


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